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Are you for real? You have the opportunity to join a top paying firm that almost every top grad from Ivy is dying to get in and you are hung up on training expense reimbursement and medical benefits?

BTW, I didn't know they open consulting associate roles on 1 year renewable contracts these days. I've always thought they hired MAs on perm basis and usually an offer is made even before a candidate graduates.
I think TS mean big4 account/audit company - E&Y, PWC, DT, KPMG. That expalin why he is on contract and asking for things like benefits.

Advise to TS, nobody out there call these companies big4 management consultancies though they sometimes do certain projects like mgt consultancy. Your title give the impression that BCG, McKinsey, Bain, Oliver Wyman (these are the big4 management consultants btw) offerd you a consulting job.

For big4 account/audit especially for contractor jobs, treat it as a good opportunity to earn some experience and build CV. Its more or less like a sweat shop with high turnover due to the stress and work hours, do not expect too much in terms of benefits or the company to invest in your development.
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