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It's still not too late. Study hard and graduate with first class honours and I don't think you will have a problem clinching a cushy job in the financial industry. But if you still want to be an engineer, do keep in mind the following points.

1) Choose the correct industries i.e. industries that pays the most with the highest salaries and bonuses. At the top of this list would be the petrochemical and oil & gas industries. The next would be the offshore & marine and probably the aerospace industries. Avoid construction and manufacturing at all cost.

2) Don't restrict yourself to Singapore. The reality is that Singapore is a financial hub and not an engineering hub. Be open to job opportunities overseas.

3) There are other job roles that require an engineering degree but these roles are not engineering roles. These includes contracts, planner, estimator, sales, procurement, business development, project management, safety i.e. HSE and so on. Depending again on the industries, some of such roles can be rather lucrative too.
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