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Default Salaries of Professors

Someone left a comment asking about the pay of university dons. Here's what I got (based on a thread in Expat Singapore Forum):
Professor S$178,750 - S$270,875
Associate Professor S$108,625 - S$204,875
Assistant Professor S$71,500 - S$121,690
If you think the numbers look high, recall that NTU Professor Bryan Ngoi Kok Ann, who was found guilty of lying to CPIB, could afford to give his mainland Chinese mistress a $7,000-a-month allowance and expensive gifts like a $11,000 Chopard watch. (ST, 26 September 2006)

And remember Chua Choong Tze? He was the youngest assistant professor in Singapore at the time he joined SMU to teach and research in finance. It was said that a person with his credentials can "earn at least US$100,000 at any good American university for a nine-month contract." And he was just 23. (ST, 20 July 2003)

In comparison, an R&D manager makes only $7,890.

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