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Nooo..omg dont get the wrong idea..i was just wondering and being curious about how much they earn...bcause their job doesnt seem so lavish Lke some high end ceo or manager...nope im not envying them..ya im really contented with what i have and i aint complaining abt what i have..jus curious bcause it just seems like they earn alot..
I see.I won't say a lot but depends on seniority as principals should be a comfortable low five figures basic for such positions.I believe many of them find meaning in what they do and hence comparing to top bankers and other professionals is not direct comparison.Can they live relatively well here? Yes I believe they can.Even graduate couple classroom teachers with number of years of experience can earn 5 figures combined.A 1.5 jap car plus a 3 or 4 rm HDB flat should be attainable.Some of course stretch further and live in executive or mass mkt condos.can be done esp with prudent investment working hard for them.
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