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Late forties middle class couple, makes $210k pa in total. Upgraded from 4 room flat to a condo in 2006, paid only $600k for condo. Now fully paid up, latest valuation $1.2m. Bought a car in 2009, now fully paid up. We plan to retire in our sixties. By then, our children would have grown up and married. The condo may be too big for just the two of us, may sell and move to a one bedroom condo. Easier to maintain. We can then invest the cash balance in good stocks and earn the dividends. Our retirement spending should not cost so much since it will be just a two persons household and we also intend to sell our car by then. The most we will spend would be $3k pm to buy food and pay for utilities, medical, holidays, etc. To fund our retirement, we will get income from our CPF Life and dividends.

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