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Default crisis shift at Christmas Island - drs with Australian registration

Originally Posted by rashid View Post
Hi Iím a practising Locum Doctor in Singapore. I bring in a monthly salary averaging about 11-12000 SGD per month. That is considering that I only have a basic MBBS degree and no postgraduate degree. Work life balance is great as I work only 8-5, and no other responsibilities other than seeing patients allocated to me. For me itís a perfect job. Itís true that money is not everything but everything needs money, but when your monthly needs are met, the excess money is what you can save or spend. Itís good if you have a lot to spend !
any doctors with australian registration here?
they is an urgent need to attend to the refugees at Christmas Island;
the company in charge of hiring doctors are paying up to A$8000 per week (with 2 days off); aussie, not asian working conditions
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