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Thks for sharing ur personal experience. U work until totally burn out leh. Ur example juz show the potential pitfalls of joining the CS. Well, at least u went thru a tough patch n managed to pick urself up after tat.tats commendable. I dun haf frens working in those policy formulation roles which is the reason why I am asking here instead. In any case, ur inputs is very much appreciated.
Not too sure if the contributor was/is in a Policy role, but what he or she shared about CS/PS is most certainly true. No clue how the chill image of CS/PS came about, but my time in Policy roles involved countless late nights and "shelling" (i.e. as I mentioned earlier, be prepared to stand corrected). In fact, I had to work well into 3/4 AM within first few months. This is because while there often are deadlines, work in Policy roles just can't be rushed (e.g. writing an assessment on something is not something you can magically churn out before 6 PM).

Take heed.
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