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Sharing my personal experience. Started out at the finance ministry in 2011 as a fresh grad with 2nd upper from local uni, not a scholar, MX13, 3.6k. Pay rise to 4k in my second year. For those with the thinking that CS/PS gives you work-life balance you might be misled. High profile ministries usually deal with alot of work on a daily basis, and fresh grad/new hires bear the blunt of it. I felt burnt out when i approached my second year and took a year off, quit the job to pursue my personal interests.

Came back this year to find a job, and I learnt that it's not easy to find a job in the private sector, given that work in the CS is usually general and niche (at least for what I did for my first job) Applied for 3 SB positions and landed myself in one dealing with the finance industry. Got a 5% increment from my last drawn, and my SB doesnt follow the MX grading. So far it's looking a lot better than my ex-ministry job, and there seems to be decent career prospects within the organisation.

My advice is that for those looking to join CS/PS, find out more about the job description and maybe from friends who are working in a similar position. Be prepared to work with the mindset that you will be here for the long run, it will pay you decently well, but probably less than your equivalent in the private sector. You will also need to bear in mind you might be passed on for promotions, given that competition is as tough. If not tougher than the private sector.
I plan to apply to SBs and was wondering what's an appropriate expected salary to indicate. I'm currently in a ministry.

You mentioned that this SB gave you a 5% increment from your last drawn salary.
Did they meet your expected salary?

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