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Default Consultant post in Singapore

I moved over to Singapore after spending 4 years as an NHS consultant. Having trained and worked through the UK system for over 20 years I got very frustrated by the increasing red tape and unreasonable demand placed on physicians by the managers. Moving to Singapore does mean a fresh start. Working hard is part of life as a physician but as a senior doctor, I did not find that I have to work that much harder compared to UK. Since travelling time is significantly shorter I actually get to see my kids a lot more. With the devaluation of the pounds and the low tax regime my take home salary is significantly better than in UK (my private work was approx 50% of my 12PA NHS salary). A word of caution, each specialty earns differently in Singapore, in general surgeon more than physician and doctors who carry out procedures (gastro, cardio) take home more than paeds.
House price here is expensive but so was London before the crash. In fact I am sure the London price was significantly higher than that of Singapore a couple of years back.
Kids have no choice but to go to International School but the standard is high with large campus and good facilities. Our children have no problem settling in at all.
Bad points, well the weather is very hot. There is no seasonal variation. Cars here are just ridiculously expensive.
If you are serious, you should fly over to look around and ask to be introduced to other consultants from UK and get a feel of the whole thing. If your other half happens to be medic most hospital will try hard to get him/her appointed at the same time.
Hope this helps.
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