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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

Do keep in mind that the tax rates here are ridiculously low compared to Europe, so you will probably end up saving quite a fair bit on taxes.

Cost of living in terms of food and convenience is really low, (except booze)

Only pricey things are housing and cars.
You can probably skip on the car, we have a good transportation system.
Just rent a sub-urban apartment and you will be good to go.

Not to mention you are single and asian singaporean chicks adore whites. ( the chicks are really cute and easy to bed if you are white)

No reason not to take the offer mate.
I was told tax range in the 12% - 15% area to be paid after the first year.
Assuming the chart in the link below is correct?

IRAS: Income tax rates

Comparing that to my current deductions of about 40% total (incl. income tax, unemployment insurance, pension plan, etc.), SG seems to be much less deductions. Saying this, I have yet to look into how I would deal with pension plan etc.

I won't get a car, since the company has a car I could use if needed.
Plus I will be travelling around SEA about 2 of 4 weeks in a month, so won't waste my money on a car, just get a cab is much cheaper.
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