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Originally Posted by cupnoodles View Post

im 24 years old, female, graduated with a dip in IT and am currently doing a p/t degree with a local uni.

im already in a oil & gas company with a really good mentor which is my boss who is willing to teach me everything he knows, but somehow i feel more and more stagnant in the company and am looking to move on.

are there any positions suitable for me in the oil & gas industry?

was interested to becoming a oil trader/broker but as a female, i realised i will be at a disadvantage especially with the late nights entertainment with the oil traders and so on.

or should i go into another industry?

my main focus is to earn more money.

thank you
my sister-in-law used to be an oil broker/trader. according to her, you got to like that kind of lifestyle in order not to burn out. the money is good though (~100k about 10 years ago, she's now a tai tai). paper qualifications apparently don't matter- she holds an O level cert.

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