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actually if you want to be an LAE in singapore, join the polytechnic! Uni in singapore are actually meant to be more for design purpose not much of the maintance.
There are more than one type of LAE eg. CAT B is for mechanic engineering which then are seperated into CAT B1.1,B1.2,B1.3 and B1.4. CAT B2 is for electrical engineering. To qualify for CAT C you have to work for a minmium of 5 years if im not wrong and its not compulsory to have a degree in engineering, however its prefered to have one. EASA is for european standard and CAAS is singapore standard. if you want to practice in singapore you must obtain a CAAS license. however, this license can be converted to EASA if you were to go to europe and work there as an LAE. I dont think you will be able to obtain a EASA license if you were to join the aust uni. it will most probably let you complete all the EASA theory modules in 2 years time. If im not wrong, in order to take the CAAS paper you must be under a organisation. Anyway joining some polytechnic allow you to take up to 9 CAAS SAR-66 paper. these papers excluding air legistration and one more paper have a lifespan of 10 year. All in all, if you want to be an LAE join Polytechnic! it will be shortest route to be an LAE! my 2 cents

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