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Don't buy a house in JB and don't retire there:

1. There is already a housing glut, it will be worse in the future. You will see ghost towns in JB and even abandoned projects. Too much supply. There will be thousands of empty units. Very spooky.

2. Security is among the worst in Malaysia. Not safe, esp for old couple like you both. Better be safe than sorry. Many cases of day light robberies, even at petrol stations. If you value your life and the life of your loved ones, then you should avoid JB.

3. Medical facilities for the old not up to Singapore's high standard.

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Thanks for sharing. My husband and I are also planning to retire in Malaysia but we have doubts to retire in JB due to safety concerns. We are both in our late 50s and our children are grown ups and independent. We are free to move to anywhere we like.

Can you share why you and husband chose to retire in JB and not some other cities in Malaysia? Is the safety issue not so serious in JB? What steps have you taken to ensure your personal and family's safety?

Appreciate your advice.
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