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I beg to differ, that joining the civil service is easy. I do agree, though, that moving from the government sector to the private sector could be difficult after a while.

Back to the first argument. It has always been the case that the civil service sets stringent criteria when it comes to hiring. In general, a second upper degree from reputable universities is the norm. This itself filters out many candidates. Many people who work in the private sector as mediocre professions want very much to think that they can easily join the civil is a matter of whether they want to or not. I certainly do not think so. Take a look at your own qualifications and credentials, and then apply for it.

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That's why it's a better plan to join private sector first, try it out for, say 5 to 6 years. Then if you're not happy or it doesn't work out for you, you can join the CS.

Then you'll be mx11 around early 40s... prob can hit mx11a couple yrs later, so from late 40s till retire, stuck at mx11a ... still okay, not so bad.

From pte sector joining CS is easy, but moving from CS, esp after years of service, to pte sector is almost impossible - unless you're at the very top level appointment like superscale.

So my best advice is to always start at pte sector rather than join CS or PS directly - especially so for non-scholars.
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