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1. Sell your landed and pay off loan. Prices falling anyway. Say you sell at $1.7m, you get back $1.1m after paying loan.
2. Pay off your 1 bedder loan and your jb house loan. Total $760k. You are left with $373k and invest in good blue chips.
3. Get passive income from 1 bedder ($2k pm) and blue chips. If you get $4k pm and convert to RM and get RM10k, should be ok. When you are 65, you get $2400 pm extra (you and hubby's min sum). And your sons can give you $1k each every month.

What do you think?
Yes, tempted to retire now by selling off landed...have put it up for sale and had an offer of 1.8 mil but hubby rejected....still having viewers interested...

But we also hope to finance our sons' overseas university if necessary in future and we can only do that by selling our terrace in future as it will likely appreciate by then....

Will see how, if we get a good offer, we might sell....
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