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Originally Posted by Showmethemoney View Post
Legal profession is very rewarding. There are people with less than 5 years exp making 10K p.m. in the larger law firms. Once you join the banks, the sky is the limit. I know of people with 10 years exp, making 20-25K p.m. However, you have to work very hard whilst you are in legal practice. No pain no gain right???
As a partner in a major law firm, I can say that the legal profession is very rewarding. But only if you are good (either at law or at rain making) and working in a big law firm or smaller but boutique firm. A 5th yearer can earn 10-12k pm easily. A 2nd to 3rd year junior partner can earn 25-35k. An equity partner (about 10 years PQE) from about 45k to 50k pm. After that, the sky's the limit. Top, top partners can earn anything up to 500k pm upwards.

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