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That's how Singapore works, since humans are all greedy government should start forcing all income earner that hit a certain bracket to force sell their HDB. That will cause the private market to shoot a hundred fold and the HDB prices to crash overnight Bavo! Govt can of course bring in more PRC to fill the HDB void but again somebody will likely kao peh kao bu.

How about those HDB kopitiam purchased from govt in the 80's for few hundred k now worth 10's millions? Those greedy landlords then raise the rental of the poor hawkers who then increase the price of your chicken rice. Should govt step in also?

no sinkies are saints lah, even our govt ministers also raking in the big bucks. If you wanna stay in this country stop being so pissed and learn to play the system if you wanna flip to the other divide. Then you can be some big shot philanthropist after.

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Hermit, what pisses me off about these high earners is not because of their high income. I get pissed off by the fact that they are hoarding onto their HDB flat which is meant for the lower income groups. And hence they get to enjoy utilities rebates. Also they are not paying enough taxes. These high income earners should be paying more tax both quantum as well as % wise, so that we can take care of the poor, destitute and orphans in society. Shame on these people.
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