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Hermit, what pisses me off about these high earners is not because of their high income. I get pissed off by the fact that they are hoarding onto their HDB flat which is meant for the lower income groups. And hence they get to enjoy utilities rebates. Also they are not paying enough taxes. These high income earners should be paying more tax both quantum as well as % wise, so that we can take care of the poor, destitute and orphans in society. Shame on these people.
I think you are not thinking logically, so if I start as a young couple in a HDB and happen to work hard and do well in life I should give up my HDB and move to a condo and lock myself in a lifetime of debt?? oh please....housing is a matter of choice.

As for Tax i agree the rich should pay more tax and if I earn 10K i pay zero tax and if I earn 1M i pay a busload of tax, this is already in the current system, but if you are saying just because i work hard and I need to pay more money just cos I AM working hard then i think that is a socialist mentality of spreading wealth and that has no place in a capitalist society.

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