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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
bumping up a old post.

I'm in private sector fmcg marketing field for 1+ years, with degree from sim, after much allowance, im taking home around 2.9K. I find my job challenging and fulfilling, but the pay really isnt there. Recently i went back for reservist and spoke to an ex officer, he said if you perform average, you shd end at the rank of supt (by age 50, promote every 3 years) that bring home around 12K and with the new retirement investment scheme, gov gave an additional contribution of 11.75% of your salary to your retirement account, after some calculation, you should have around 250k by retirement age.

On top of all these, the bonus benefits and annual leave are so much attractive as compare to my current job.

If i continue stay in the private sector, i do not know if i will come any close to 12k. Any advice to enlighten me?
Please read my post in 2011 in this thread. You don't know that you will not succeed in a big way in FMCG. You have only been working for 1 years. Way to early to tell. And in the private sector you can move from sector to sector, employer to employer, country to country... the sky is your limit.

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