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Hi! Found this thread pretty interesting. I am a polytechnic graduate currently teaching in a kindergarten. My Diploma i unrelated to my line. Hence I will have to do a Dip in EArly childhood. Kinda feel that Ive been chaeted as I am only offered 1,100k though I have a Diploma. Anyone knows what a Diploma grad with no Dip in Early childhood should be earning at a kindergarten? It will be a great help and you will be a life saver. My colleagues with just O'levels are earning 1,100k too. Feel ripped off now.
Actually, teachers are kindergartens will never be paid good. This is because all the pay for the teachers and staff comes from the monthly school fees of the students, and not from MOE or the government. With the lower birth rates in singapore (thus lower enrollment), and higher cost of rent/ food/ teaching materials etc, teachers will NEVER have a good pay.
If you want better prospects, be a primary school teacher at least.
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