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Originally Posted by ITManager View Post
ROFL, for someone who earn 182k a year and you cannot spell job, way to go pal. Or you are just another forum troll?
Originally Posted by ITManger View Post
D and B is far apart, and if its a typo, it will jov, or jon, or even jog. I only see mistakes like this back in my school days. For goodness sake, its a three letter word.

Envy? I bet his real salary is not even half of mine. Maybe hes not even working, surely you cant be that gullible?
Hi friend,

Making a mistake doesn't really mean they are lying.

For e.g., you also made a mistake in ur 2nd post by typing the nick, "ITManger".

As I am still a student now and don't work part-time, my annual salary is zero. :-s
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