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SMBC operations in general hardly any stress, most usually leave by 7 or 6.30pm. Increment can be quite bad but bonuses are quite decent usually at least 2 to 3.5 months. Career progression is mainly limited to rank promotions: officer - senior officer - assistant manager - deputy manager - manager - senior manager - AGM

Can transfer departments but usually only after a long time like 5 years + etc.

Overall, among the 3 Jap mega banks, SMBC has the best benefits and is the least regimental among the others. Also, their training department is in KL so if you sign up for any courses can fly to KL and stay at the Hilton for a few days

Er if due to urgent family problem can take half-day leave. Time-off etc think is limited to 2 hours max if not have to take half-day. Depends on your boss.
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