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Business owner, age 27 male Singaporean. Monthly personal income ranges from 5k to 18k, average will be around 8-9k. Annual revenue my company does around almost half a million. Venture is 2 years old plus. There are bad days and good days but I believe there is potential and my partner is joining my company.

Bought a private condo this year for 800k.
No other loans like study or car loan, though I have a car that I am taking over its instalments next month. ($800+ per month)

My savings: 20k+ (because of condo down payment)
CPF: Zero because self-employed

I don't do shares investment as any profit I get is recycled back into the biz since I convert $1 input to $5 output anyway.

My condo will TOP in 3 years+ time. I plan to stay in that unit and buy another unit 5 years from now for rental purposes. If rental market really becomes bad, I'll look elsewhere for property investment, maybe commercial.
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