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Me (30), wife (19).

3 Fully paid GCB at 1 at Tanglin, 2 at Holland.
5 Fully paid shophouses 3 at Joo Chiat, 1 at Beach Road, 1 at Holland V
5 Fully paid Condo (ranging from 800sqft to 3500 sqft), all are in D9 and D10 area.

Major shareholder of 3 SGX listed companies

Not too sure, I leave it to my bankers (3 different swiss banks) to managed. Last I heard was around USD$1.35B

Not too sure how I am doing. I think i am just doing quite average.
Yep, you are just a average joe. Suggest you downgrade to a hdb 3 room when you retire to free up some cash to see doctor.
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