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I think the motivation for buying the condo under the son's name was to bypass ABSD. We wanted to do the same using our son's name but he reminded us that by doing so he would miss the chance of getting a subsidized brand new HDB flat. So no choice, we bargained for the ABSD to be absorb by the seller.

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I thought I revert back due to some similarities we share. Apologies to others for divesting

I had a similar investment when I was about 27, invested in a apartment (dare not call it condo) 1.1M central location now worth about 2M. This was many years backs and it was also a shared investment with my parents. Difference is when I bought the place I knew how much I contributed, how much they contributed. I arrange the loan (spoke to 4 banks), the lawyers, bargain for freebies, arrange for rental agents, contractors etc.

If you are serious about wanted to buy more in the future I suggest you start making yourself aware of the obligations you got yourself into since its your name its under. Besides the loan have you accounted for MCST charge, property tax, renovation cost etc once the condo TOPs?

You are lucky you're parents took care of it all for you, but it would have been a good learning experience if you did it yourself. You should take the reins now if you really to buy another condo in the future. There is something to learn from every purchase.

I can tell you once your condo TOP its very likely we gonna hit a sh*t of a rental market so you better be prepared for it to stay empty for awhile. Take the time to workout your obligations and be aware of your finances and how much you should save for that rainy day.

Your folks can bail you out of course but they shouldn't have to at the end of the day.
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