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Thanks all for the assurance.

I do know it is dumb to move without a job offer, but isn't that something most migrants have to go through?

I know it is impossible for someone as lowly paid as me to land a posting in Canada, but I was just asking if there are any possibilities of being 'recommended' a job there.

It's really annoying when ppl like him say things like 'Stop Dreaming' and called me a clerical worker even though I am dreaming and I am a lowly clerk.

People migrate for reasons of their own. I know its a tough road ahead, so I hope that there could be some allowance in the current new job I am in.

Anyways, I have always find myself a misfit in this country I was born and raised, I am sure a lot of you feel the same. It is insensitive and obnoxious people like him that makes the country inhabitable.
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