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Originally Posted by Ntriz View Post
As a background info, i was in the same dilemma 4 years ago as you are now while choosing which courses to undertake, which will ultimately shape the (most possible) career path for life.

In fact, I was choosing between Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering vs Computer Engineering too. I didn't choose EEE mainly because the intake cohort is the largest, thus the possiblities of getting good grades, scoring in exams, and opportunities to shine, are sort of less. Another thing is there're MANY scholars from ASEAN, PRC and India in EEE (and also computer engineering in case of India).

In fact, I chose Computer Engineering. Despite the fact that i always sketched cars & airplanes during my JC lectures, i realised that at least 40-50% of mech/aero graduates enter manufacturing sector of the economy, whether in process management, mechanical engineer, aircraft engineer (only for one part of the whole craft, now the whole, just like a software which is divided into sub-systems). Looking at the job market and the policy of SG government, IT has become more and more integrated in almost every company, big or small, local or multi-national, public or private. Thus, I chose computer engineering simply for the (seemingly) better prospects.

Regardless, whatever you choose, as long as you have passion in it and you find it a worthwhile 4-year journey in whichever campus you'll end up at, you'll be fine. Don't forget to take part in activities too, as top employers today emphasise on hiring on all-rounders, rather than just hiring straight-As geeks.

Last but not least, to guage how each courses' graduates perform in the past few years, take a look at the 3 pdf of graduates employment survey in this link: Ministry of Education, Singapore: Education System, Post-Secondary

However, be warned. $$$ doesn't equate to true happiness. Once again, I would emphasise on doing what you enjoy best.

Thanks, Ntrix for your time and efforts. Can an aerospace engineering graduate be an aircraft engineer? Is there any job market for aerospace engineering in singapore? What's the difference between the things that a aeronautical engineering learn to a aerospace engineering? Hope you are there to answer my question (I got many to ask)
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