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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Why be a programmer when you can be an architect? Being a programmer is being cheaper, but being an architect is being better.

I'm giving advice to salseeker to _not_ remain as a programmer, but work at a higher level. This is the way to earn more.

I have to add this: some architects just talk and consult their way to the top, but they actually do not have much substance. Whether you are talented or not, learn from them.

A distant analogy: why be a farmer when you can get rich trading the produce?
Like I said the two are totally different job scopes. A programmer may not have the necessary skills to be a s/w architects, and vice-versa. Your experience with the untalented s/w architects do not justify that programmers can be s/w architects, there are many other factors to consider how they manage to be there.

And what advise you gave salseeker in your previous post? Please read what you wrote again.

Stating a sound analogy does not make an argument sound. But its true that one can still learn a thing or two from anybody including the untalented ones.
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