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I was a corporate high earner who worked very hard, day and night for more than 30 years. Due to the long hours and frequent travel, I got burnt out. Last year, at the age of 55, I decided to retire for good to take care of my health and spend more time with my family. I paid off the mortgage to my condo and car and am now totally debt free. Over the years, I also invested my hard earned bonuses and now receive passive dividend income of $90k pa from my investments. My wife, 45, is still pursuing her career and earns $120k pa. We share equally our household expenses of $100k pa and save the rest.

Today, I am a much healthier and fitter person. With regular exercise and good eating habits, I look much younger now. I look forward to do more charity work in years to come to help the poor and needy. As I reflect upon life, I realize money is not everything. Money and status will not buy you true happiness as all these will eventually be gone. What is permanent is your love and care for your family and the less fortunate among us in society.

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