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After stumbling on to this site, I tried to tally up what I "amassed" all these years. Thought it would be an easy thing to but it turned out to be quite an "exercise". But I am glad I went through it because at least now I have a baseline for future reference. So for those who are young and have documented properly your assets, good for you, for those who haven't started, it is good to start doing.

The following summarised what we have, starting with the big ticket items first (combined with my missus - our assets intricately intertwined):

1. Primary residence - est. $1.7m
2. Investment property - est. $1.3m
3. Main family car (MPV) - est. $80k
4. Missus' car - est. $50k
5. Life insurances - $500 k (if surrender now - we have been holding these insurances for 30 years)
6. Single premium insurances - $200k (gotta hold till maturity)
7. CPF OA - $800k, MA - $91k, SA - $395k
8. Stocks, bonds and other like investments -$930k
9. SRS - $120k (invested in some long term NTUC products)
10. FDs (war chest for opportunistic investments) - $300k
11. Cash - $110k

Listing them down in detailed form took a few days of digging up records.
must be a high earner....CPF hardly touched
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