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hits and misses.. many MNCs nowadays don't come near to civil service pays. that is why every local fresh grad nowadays only aim to join the comfy civil service and the private sector is forced to turn to FTs.

although i am not a local grad but i must say not all foreign grads are the same. although some foreign uni grads (excluding the top tier units) are on par, if not exceeding a local grad but many others are really cmi. hence again MNCs have to turn to the 3rd rate FTs from C, P, I mainly.
Dont bother about the public sector. Yes, starting salaries are high. But promotions are slow and you will get nowhere if you are not scholar material. I have seen non-scholars fly up to AD positions quickly but if you are not as good as them, you will be stuck. Private sector has a higher chance of success. Yes, your starting salary may be low, but in a few years time, you can easily beat your peers that chose the public sector route.
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