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Originally Posted by almostironman View Post
Anyone here currently working in govt/public sector with a private degree?

I heard they only accept local uni grads and pte degree are treated as diploma lvl, & only some stat boards hire pte. Is that true?
What's the average starting pay for private degrees (SIM/UOL/RMIT etc) in govt sector?
Please share...
yup, speaking from experience. it is a very very low chance that you will get called up for an interview in public sector.

most of the big GLCs will take in pte students, eg SQ, SATS, Sembcorp, Keppel, ST....

however you can save your effort filling up the long and tedious forms for the newer ones like CAG because the management is relatively fresh out of the civil service and have not shed their elitist mindset.

true story, from mine and my sister's own experiences.

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