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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
we are just average middle income couple. Combined income $10k per mth. We were lucky to buy a BTO quite cheaply before property prices start to go crazy. So we managed to pay off hdb loan within 2 yrs.

We do see our savings quite stagnant especially after having 2 kids. Enrichment classes, childcare fee, milk powder + diapers chalk up to quite alot of expenses.
I dont doubt your post on your net worth.
But you are not disclosing how you arrive there completely.

You stated you & spouse 32/31. Between you and your spouse, you have average of max 8-10 yrs working. Meaning to achieve a networth of 800+k in those 8-10 yrs, you had to save approx 100k savings per year.

that around 50k per person. accompanied with the expense of reno, kids.

think you must had some help... or i will have to agree with the others that u r not the average middle income...
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