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Thanks for the useful tips. Appreciate the affirmation to avoid JB.
KLCC area is nice, I will definitely explore this besides the Bukit Bintang shopping belt.
Just curious, what's your retirement plan? Are you going to retire in Sarawak?

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I'm an ex-Malaysian. Nevertheless, I still make trips back to my hometown etc. I definitely wouldn't recommend JB. My aunt just got robbed when pumping petrol at the Esso along Jalan Tebrau.

To be frank, from where I come from (Sarawak), RM2,000 a month is a lot. Over there you can rent an entire bungalow for lesser than that. Anyway, I doubt you want to live in Sarawak although the cost of living is definitely lower than West Malaysia.

Anyway, for RM2K you can even consider renting in KLCC area - if you want a shopping life. A quick browse on propertyguru Malaysia reveals those service apartment at only RM1.7K. With additional RM8K, you can live a very comfortable life. All I can say is, your budget allows you to stay practically in any state in Malaysia. You can even go on a state-by-state visit. 1 month in Penang, 1 month in KL, 1 month in Selangor etc. After all that travelling, you can always decide which is the best
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