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Default Market Research prospects in Singapore

Dear all,

I am a fresh grad from an Aussie university with a Bachelor of Commerce. Recently, I accepted a 6 months internship offer for a consultant position with one of the top MR firms (likes of Nielsen, Kantar, GfK, Ipsos). Would be looking to convert to a full-time role, depending on performance and business's requirements according to HR.

I tried searching for MR related questions in the forum but found that they were pretty limited. I'm sure there're others out there who and enthusiastic about research and have questions about the industry in Singapore.

Some questions I have in mind and would appreciate if some market researchers can shed light on the industry within Singapore:
  1. Understand that the industry is not exactly a "money-making" industry as compared to financial, but what could one be looking at in terms of salary in a full-time role?
  2. The rough banding explained to me was Consultant (2-3 yrs) > Senior Consultant (2-3 yrs) > Research Manager (3-5 yrs) > Research Director (3-5 yrs), may I ask if this is true?
  3. There's always the tip to "join agency then later jump to client side", this seems to be a natural progression for researchers starting out in agencies?
  4. What are the career prospects in terms of being a MR consultant? I am not sure but I've seen companies with departments such as Business Intelligence/Analytics (e.g. likes of telcos and tech companies), and I think they're probable career paths in the future?
  5. In terms of possible mid-career switch, the skillsets built being a MR consultant; can it be transferable to a Management Consultant role? (optimistically Tier 1 MC firms, but can settle for Tier 2-3 firms as well)

Thank you all in advance.

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