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Default Why doubt 2?

Agree with the previous poster. Earning above 100k is a "NORM" now.

Late 30s in the education line
Income: $120k
Consultancy: $50k
Rental income from 2nd property: $30k
So that makes my annual income: $200k

House: freehold apartment, mkt value $1.5m, outstanding loan $0.9m
Investment property: freehold 1bedder condo, mkt value $850k, outstanding loan $400k
CPF: very low, not worth mentioning as I use the OA to finance housing, SA about $40k
Cash: $300k
Insurance cash value: $50k

Late 30s, also in education line:
Income: $80k
House: As above (shared)
CPF: also very low due to financing mortgage
Insurance cash value: $40k

I think we are doing OK. mind you we are not scholars, but hardworking individuals (degree holders) who dont just sit there and complain why people earn more i earn less, we take action to improve our income and net worth.

Networth not that much: about $1.4M. But every year we aim to add 100k savings.
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