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Same batch as u two. I only got a job offer after 5mths of searching, accepted it due to desperation. Hated it two weeks into in (for the job scope, pay, prospects and working env). Decided no point roughing it out and hope it will get better, left the following wk. Took me another 2 mths before getting another offer, fortunately, everything turns out better than the prev one.

So my advice is just quit right away, dont waste another day going to work, hating every seconds of the day, and know all along life isnt gg to be better tmr. Sure, interviewers will qn why u quit in such a short period, but just ans truthfully. If they judge u as a quitter just because of that, it's a sign that the company isnt gg to be a great place to work in.

Unemployment sucks, u will get nagged by family and looked down by "friends". But it's just a matter of time. Not saying we shld wait forever to get our dream job, but we shldnt take up a job u hate or one u dont see urself in the long term, just because u have been jobless for a "long time" (2 mths...). Take up to a year to search if need to. Meanwhile, take it u're doing a gap year. U dont have to travel. U can just volunteer locally, travel cheaply to neghbouring countries, pick up a new hobby, write sth.

In short, just quit immediately!
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