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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Ex-teacher, left 10 years go, after 4 years of teaching, post PGDE.

Stumbled into marketing - worked my way up from the bottom to do decently.

Be prepared for a pay cut, and be prepared to learn new things. The rest will be up to you - your attitude, abilities and adaptability.

I left just before I turned 30. Thought it was late, but imagine if I'd left it to later. (I've seen teachers who left later and could not adapt to life outside of a school.)

I also wonder what would have happened if I had listened to all the well meaning folk who tried to persuade me to stay.

No regrets at all.

Thank you for sharing! Glad that you are doing good now! I agree that the longer we stayed in schools, it will be quite challenging to adapt to the life outside school. I am currently exploring positions in Marketing and Branding, is not easy as employers are looking for candidates with relevant experience.

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