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I went for the interview last year as such there may be changes to how the interview is conducted. Anyway, for the first round i was interviewed by the person in charge of the compliance academy. The second round is a panel interview with the head of compliance. Pay wise is more than 3k < 4k. You will receive a call follow by an email if u got selected for the first round.

The bond in banking programs is to ensure that resources are not wasted and to deter those who are not committed. Note that a lot of time and money are vested in these trainees. If there is one without a bond, most likely the program is going to be Chui..LOL..
Most major overseas and local banks MA programs do not have any bond involved. The fact that they are prestigious programs are enough in itself. Leaving the program would be a bigger loss for the candidate than for the bank so they are not really afraid of losing any of their candidate. Unless of course banks' MA programs are considered chui also.

Pay seems competitive enough though, especially as a stepping board for fresh graduate aiming to get into a compliance role. Most starting compliance pay is lower than that.
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