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Still quite impressive to have achieved $1.7m net worth, as you know $150k - $190k pa is not exactly top salary. Lucky you quit that job because it is definitely not worth trading your life for that measly sum. People earn much more for much less effort.

On a per hour basis, your current job actually pays more than the previous one. So count yourself very lucky indeed.

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I used to earn a lot more, between $150k - $190k pa. I invested my big bonuses in stocks and properties and made a lot of money buying and selling them. Then I got very sick, my highly stressful job, with the long hours in the office, lack of sleep and frequent travel took a toll on my health. Upon my doctor's advice, I quit my job and now working in a more relaxed job with shorter working hours but with a huge pay cut. Had I continued in my previous job, I could drop dead before 50. Now I just keep most of my wealth in cash as I no longer can take the stress of holding risky assets. Bad for my heart.
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