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I used to earn a lot more, between $150k - $190k pa. I invested my big bonuses in stocks and properties and made a lot of money buying and selling them. Then I got very sick, my highly stressful job, with the long hours in the office, lack of sleep and frequent travel took a toll on my health. Upon my doctor's advice, I quit my job and now working in a more relaxed job with shorter working hours but with a huge pay cut. Had I continued in my previous job, I could drop dead before 50. Now I just keep most of my wealth in cash as I no longer can take the stress of holding risky assets. Bad for my heart.

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How you manage to grow your net worth to $1.7m? Not bad for an income of $70K pa.

Assuming you worked for 20 years earning $70k every year, you will only get $1.4m.

Did your wife pay for everything - condo, car, living expenses?
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