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Aiyoh, not BS lah. Just using Math and past trends to "see" the future.

Last time, my parents gave me $1 per day for school. I pay 20 cts bus fare to go to school and 20cts back. Buy mee siam in tuck shop for 30cts, and 10cts for drinks. I save 20cts each day.

Today I give my children $5 per day, and they still ask for top up because take MRT what.

now kopi at food court is $1.20? last time $1.20 can buy 2 cups.

last time see doctor at downstairs HDB clinic $10, now smelly smelly $35.

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Don't BS. $3.1m in 20 years time is still a lot of money. Many people may not even have a net worth of $1m in 20 years time.
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