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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Civil Service. 3rd Class Honours with NS. $70k per annum at approx 2.5 yrs (28 Yrs Old). Definitely not on AO scheme. Not on accelerated track.
U are 3rd Class and u are at 70K per annum at 28 yrs old????....U are a CANNON....a damn big super CANNON...i can tell u that because i am in a position to know most ppl's pay in Civil Service......u are really a super cannon lah....70k malaysia ringit.....i think more like it......

a 3rd class honours is in some service not even recognised my dear......means u will start at 2.5 to 2.6 at after 2.5yrs, assuming u are super gd performer, u are at most goin to get 3.5k which is 42k pa....hahahahaaha.....if u want to boast, at least boast reasonably....i bet with my head that u are lying.....super big cannon

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