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Don't be sad. You are luckier than billions of people around the world. Imagine if you are living in the slums of 3rd world countries. You are lucky that we have a public housing system that sells very cheap flats (direct from HDB). Now you have a home which is paid up. You don't worry about living on the streets.

You still own a car, whereas billions of people don't own a car. In fact, many people in Singapore don't own a car.

You should be thankful that you both are graduates, not many families in the world even have a uni graduate among them. The education you get is valuable. Anyway earning a combined income of $130k, even though may not be on the high side among graduate couples (this is a fact), is still decent. If you managae your finances well and do not splurge on wasteful stuff, you can still save and have a good retirement eventually.

What you can focus on is to be an excellent employee, who is of great value to your employer. Have a strong work ethic, you may be promoted and earn more.

Just know that there are graduates who are retrenched and has no job and earning nothing, at least you have a job.

Lastly, don't compare with people who earn more than you, this will never end, even if you earn $1m pa, there will be someone who will earn $2m pa, or $3m pa, etc. Live within your means and strive hard to better yourself in your work. But don't forget to contribute back to society through charitable actions.

I hope this encourages you. For me, I been working for more than 30 years in the corporate sector and was earning a lot. I had enough and now decided to retire as I have accumulated enough for me and my family. As a millionaire, now I manage my own investments and happy with what I have. There are other more meaningful things in life to focus on before I die.

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There are so many rich forumers here. I am ashamed to share mine, but here's anyway.

Graduate couple, 47 & 48, combined income $130k pa. Staying in a 20 year old HDB flat, bought very cheap, finished paying the loan. Own an old small car.

I think we are among the worst performing graduate couple (bottom 20% of graduate couples) in our age group.

Any graduate couples who are performing worse than us?
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