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Can share what kind of jobs you are in? While there are graduates (degree holders) who may have run out of luck and ended up retrenched or doing low level (low paying) jobs, I find it hard to believe that both husband and wife could be in the same boat.

But this is not something to be ashamed of as long as you are making a living through honest hard work. This is still much much better than those who make big bucks through unscrupulous means.

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There are so many rich forumers here. I am ashamed to share mine, but here's anyway.

Graduate couple, 47 & 48, combined income $130k pa. Staying in a 20 year old HDB flat, bought very cheap, finished paying the loan. Own an old small car.

I think we are among the worst performing graduate couple (bottom 20% of graduate couples) in our age group.

Any graduate couples who are performing worse than us?
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