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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My friend, you seemed to have already come to a decision within yourself unknowingly. There are no second chances in life, so just do whateva you think makes the most sense to you. You can seek your family's advice and see if they are supportive of you making the change.

Look at the financial report of the new company if you can, to see their future direction and financial status to get a sense as to how the company will progress in 5 - 10 years to come. If it's some family owned business that is contented earning the big bucks as it is, or the leadership sucks, then please do not go there.

Last word of advice, I usually look at the leadership of the company and my direct supervisor. It is important to work under people who can mentor you, know your value, and push you up.
thanks bro, but still a bit hesitant.

the smaller companies progression will be pretty ok, it is in a good industry. it's not a mom and pop company and there is market that they are accountable for. Do stat boards or big GLC's look down on people who have come from smaller companies? I am primarily an IT management guy with skills in the whole project management/ outsourcing / contracting/ people management area...
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