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Originally Posted by kkokleong View Post
Hi all, Since graduation from NTU in 2002 I have been working in MNC, first a technology MNC and then in a local GLC, I am working my way up the IT management chain. Recently I have been offered a proper manager role (with budget/resource accountability) at a smaller company (about 20-30 people in the IT dept) . I will be running a couple of projects and responsible for a group of systems under me.

My question is, if I take up this role: will there be a certain stigma attached to me in future if I want to join bigger companies or GLC's in higher positions?

My future plan is to work my way up to director level positions in GLC's or Senior manager positions in MNC's. Any thoughts?
in GLC u will always be in control by somebody or elite. in MNC with a senior position you are untouchable n enjoy a payout pegged to your performance, u r da boss.
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