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Hi all,

Currently, I'm thinking of resigning and applying for another company (I'm a graphic designer). Reason being the work is getting very little at current company.

It may sound good but I feel it will do me more harm than good in the long term, as my skills seems to be going backwards rather than forward due to no challenges etc.

Anyway, my current salary is $2200. When I entered this current company, it was $1800, then increased to $2000 and then to $2200 (partly due to good work performance). Been working there for almost 2 years, now late twenties.

1) My question is: when I apply for a new company, should I ask for $2300 for my salary? Maybe put a "(neg)" behind the amt, as in "$2300 (neg)".

2) Anyone knows what's the current average salary range for graphic designers in SG? I heard the lower end ones hover at $1800? Need some insight before I begin.

Pls advise. Tks!
hello friend, i don't see why you deserve a pay increment. some points to consider - does the 100 more translate to more working hours? better culture? better prospects? when you join another company, 2 years down the road you will feed the same thing today. the good thing about being a designer is you have a portfolio. publish your portfolio, keep an active lookout for offers until someone notices your work and offers you a higher salary. or get a job offer first before resigning. you never know whether the next company is going to low-ball you. all salary is neg, so you dont have to put "neg". goot lucks.
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