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If you are talking about IMAP organised by Singapore College of Insurance then it is not a progam under an insurance agent facade.

Read into the details. It is sort of an education path (ACII) for u to pursue a career (and also open you into the insurance industry) in General Insurance (Broking,claims, underwriting, loss adjuster, reinsurance). As in the general insurance/reinsurance, ACII( Associate Chartered Insurance Institute from UK) is a well recognised professional insurance cert in the insurance industry akin to ACCA to accountants and/or auditors.

When you enrol for the program, they will source for an insurance company/Broking firm/loss adjusting/reinsurance company to employ you as the "scholar" if you pass the interviews and requirements. Then the company will sponsor your education and pay you a monthly stipend depending on your working experience and you will be bonded to the company for 2 to 3 years. Not too sure about the arrangement now, but previously the arrangement for the study phase (first year) is half day work and half day study.

If you are interested in joining the insurance industry, you can give it a try (apply for the program). Even if you in the end do not want to enrol into the program, you may somehow still acquire some introduction into general insurance/reinsurance industry. The ppl there will explain to you during interview.

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