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This is a good observation. There are many people abusing the system. There are people who are rich, e.g. earning $700k pa, but they still insist on staying in a HDB flat and enjoying the utilities rebates meant for the lower income. There are people who still own a HDB flat (and they rent it out) while the enjoy staying in a luxury condo. This is a big loophole in the current housing policy.

People who own private property today cannot buy a HDB flat unless they sell away their HDB flat within 6 months, whereas those who currently own a HDB flat can keep their flat and rent it out while they buy a condo and stay in the condo. HDB flats are for the lower income groups in society and should not be abused and hoarded by the rich and higher income groups. This housing loophole need to be corrected. There are people with multiple private properties and are multi millionaires but they still keep their HDB flat. Shame on them.
I disagree. I live in a condo and also own a HDB flat bought direct from the HBD. This flat is being rented out, providing me a passive income and soon a retirement income. I pay 5-digit income tax every year on my employment income & rent and get practically nothing back from the government since I am single.

The hbd flat that I have bought is probably the only tangible benefit from all the years of paying huge income taxes. So why should I be forced to return or sell my hbd flat then ?
If I lose my job tomorrow, I can rent or sell my condo and move back to my HDB flat. I don't expect the government to take care of me when I get retrenched. I have to make my own contingency plan.

The problem with some Singaporeans is this loser whining attitude : things are not fair, we want the government to intervene. This is real life. No one owes u a living. Compete or be condemned.
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